School Administration

The staff of the Margaret Bell School usually includes four trained teachers and carers who are responsible for the educational, spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the children. All the teachers hold recognised primary teaching qualifications. Support staff include volunteers from within the community who assist with maintenance, catering and other domestic duties. The school is run and maintained by the Director, Principal and school staff. We also have a board of advisors who meet regularly to assist and advise the school staff.

The Margaret Bell School is faith based. Children do not pay any fees for their education, and therefore the school depends on donations from individuals and churches around the world. Any donations will be gratefully received; for details on how to contact us to make a donation please see the contact page.

The school year for pupils starts in January. There are three school terms, with holidays of four weeks in April, four weeks in August and five weeks in December and January. While the Margaret Bell School retains it's original objective of serving orphaned children, places are available for other disadvantaged children who are not orphans. The nursery school serves children who are at least two years old, and the primary school cares for children who are at least seven years old.

Even though the school is focused on these age groups, there are also places available for older children who have had to drop out of the previous schools for reasons of poverty. In this way we are able to provide an education for as many children as possible within the community. Our website has been online since October 2005.


The Margaret Bell School offers a broadly based curriculum, incorporating subjects, topics and activities relevant not only to to Zambia, but also to other countries like the United Kingdom, the United States and Canada. The subjects we currently offer are listed below.

English Maths Science Geography
History Art Craft Music
Physical Education French Christian Education

The school also has a computer centre that will provide computer literacy lessons to young adults around the Chimwemwe district of Kitwe, and will also give internet access to the pupils and the public.

Currently the school has less equipment than we would like and resources to meet the needs of children and are not up-to-date. The school is, however, committed to giving individual attention where possible to children who have learning disabilities or special education needs. Many educational and recreational activities take place outside the classroom. Games and sports are structured and include football, volleyball, tennis, table tennis and badminton.

As the Margaret Bell School is a Christian school, we aim not only to teach Godly and Christian standards, but also to encourage children to enter into a life of unreserved Christian commitment. This aim is supported by regular Christian devotions and prayers throughout the year.